10-80m: 130′ flat-top doublet @ ~120′ fed with open wire line
20m: delta loop @ ~150′ fed horizontally
160m: 120′ Marconi T against 2-acre groundscreen
RX: 350′ switchable beverage NE/SW
Inside: Flex-6600, Flex-6400, PGXL; FT-1000MP backup

Above: the station in multi/single config; mult station on left, run station on right

Station Updates:

  • Den operating position
    I occasionally check in to weeknight local nets on 10m. It occurred to me recently that there is no reason to go all the way to the shack, away from family, to do it. Flex has a solution: all you need to make a new operating position is a computer. I anticipate using this for
  • Changing to multi-single for ARRL SS
    The WA1J team will be here for ARRL Sweepstakes next month. Accordingly, I made some changes to the station to accommodate two operators in a true multi-single setting. Flex gear makes this reconfiguration easy — it’s a matter of re-arranging monitors more than anything else. The multiflex functionality of SmartSDR V.3 means both a run
  • FlexRadio Review
    I have both the Flex-6400 and Flex-6600; both arrived in 2020 during a pandemic, so they have seen substantial use. They’ve both been used during contests, some of which were serious efforts. I also have the Power Genius XL amplifier, which has been similarly used. The features of each piece of hardware is different to
  • Doublet with 160 meters
    My new QTH (c. 2018) featured a long list of honey-do’s, pushing a real tower project back at least a few years. The good news was that it also featured very high pine trees; one particular specimen is at least 150′. I decided to take advantage of the high pine trees while daydreaming of aluminum.
  • Inverted-L replaces Inverted-V
    The venerable inverted-V has served me well for the summer, but as winter has fallen here, I took it down and replaced it with an Inverted-L for 160m. I intend to tune it elsewhere as well, but this too will (hopefully) be a temporary antenna until house work subsides and real antennas can be added.
  • New QTH: first antenna
    Now fully moved into the new QTH here in FN32od. Dealing with plenty of house projects that promise to push radio things back at least a few months (including fully uninstalling an already half-uninstalled inground pool — which is worse than it sounds). I’m thankful to have had Bob, K1YO stop by to shoot a