New QTH: first antenna

Now fully moved into the new QTH here in FN32od. Dealing with plenty of house projects that promise to push radio things back at least a few months (including fully uninstalling an already half-uninstalled inground pool — which is worse than it sounds).

I’m thankful to have had Bob, K1YO stop by to shoot a rope into a tree. I raised a 40m inverted-V that served me well at the last QTH. It is at least 80 feet high in a pine, which is good, but the coax is garbage and the internals of the shack are not quite right. Plenty of RFI in everything from computer speakers to my own headset. Lots of work to do!

The old Heathkit tuner (imagine that: non-resonant antennas!) is the MVP here. I’ve been on all bands above 40, probably not very efficiently with the poor coax, but I’m making QSOs. I’ve scabbed together a rudimentary soundcard interface for one of the old FT-1000MP’s and it’s easily working the world on that mode.

Looking forward to the future here!

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